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  • Le thomisme comme "philosophie chrétienne" chez Étienne Gilson et Claude Tresmontant
    Author Tat, Alin
    Issue Vol. VI/2004/2
    Category Artes
    Pages pp. 423-434
    Abstract Thomism as "Christian philosophy" wishes to provide an answer to the question of the relation between philosophy and theology in Saint Thomas Aquinas. The expression itself became famous with Etienne Gilson and the interesting debate that gathered some influential philosophers and theologians in the 1930's. For Gilson, Aquinas is the main figure of the Christian philosophy. Aquinas comes after a long tradition of "Christian philosophy", as Claude Tresmontant demonstrated in his works. According to him, the decisive facet of Christian metaphysics and, at the same time, its condition of possibility, is revelation. The questions of Christian philosophy are those of the human intellect that go from revelation to experience and from experience to revelation.