Articles of the selected author in Verbum:

  • Gli arancini di Montalbano: Sensazioni, atmosfere e peculiarità di alcuni personaggi di Andrea Camilleri
    Author Sità, Michele
    Issue Vol. XVI/2015/1-2
    Category Critica
    Pages pp. 102-115
    Abstract The essay is inspired by the short story collection of Andrea Camilleri Gli arancini di Montalbano (Montalbano's Croquettes). I will highlight not only the features of the various characters involved in these stories but also the peculiarities of the Sicilian writer who is part of a long tradition of storytellers. Besides Montalbano, an undisputed and strong protagonist, the atmosphere of the pieces of Camilleri is also extrapolated from secondary characters, who give a particular touch of colour and a great strength to every story. It is not possible to speak about Camilleri without referring to his language: he has a direct and simple way to tell his stories, which comes from the wise mixture of standard Italian and the Sicilian dialect. The language gives a more human touch to the characters and to all the stories.
  • Affinità e discordanze tra S. Tommaso e Kierkegaard
    Author Sità, Michele
    Issue Vol. VI/2004/2
    Category Artes
    Pages pp. 379-385
    Abstract The relationship between reason and faith is very delicate, and they both are elements of upmost importance for St. Thomas Aquinas but also for S. Kierkegaard. For Aquinas, man is composed of body and soul (the body is corruptible and the soul is immortal) and he affirms the individual's singularity, a conception that we can also find in Kierkegaard. We can perceive many other similarities but also a substantial difference between them; namely the fact that Kierkegaard is more tragic than St. Thomas, this is a particular difference that contains many contrasts. Maybe this interpretation seems rash but if we go into the problem in more depth we can also hear a conversation between both the philosophers. In this conversation the time barriers are knocked down and we can see the approach of two big thinkers on similar topics.
  • Hans Jonas: responsabilità ed eccesso
    Author Sità, Michele
    Issue Vol. V/2003/2
    Category Critica
    Pages pp. 397-408
    Abstract Nowadays, scientific progress seems to have reached such high levels that it can satisfy almost every human demand: mankind apparently has an absolute, unlimited, and sometimes irresponsible power at its disposal. As an opposition to the excesses of a technological civilization, Hans Jonas proposes an ethics based on responsibility, a kind of 'imperative' which puts the arrogance of a thoughtless progress to a halt. The consequences and the impacts of human activity have by now become unforeseeable, and man may well lose control of his technological successes by turning them into real failures, not only for himself but potentially for all of humanity. Man's responsibility must therefore depend not only on his own and his peers' life, but also, maybe above all, on the life of the next generations. Man needs to look at not only the immediate present but also at the perspectives in the long run: he should begin to think in the long term and thus needs to rediscover himself. The elaboration of a theory of responsibility is therefore focuses on that rediscovery, a recovery of the truest authenticity, and the wish for a better future.
  • Recensiones
    Authors Petrovszki Lajszki, Brigitta
    Sità, Michele
    Issue Vol. V/2003/2
    Category Recensiones
    Pages pp. 469-478
    Reviews Luigi Tassoni (a cura di): Introduzione alla letteratura italiana. Imago Mundi, Pécs, 2003, 194 pp. (Michele Sità)

    Maurizio Virdis (a cura di): Il Condaghe di Santa Maria di Bonarcado. Centro di studi filologici sardi/CUEC, Cagliari, 2002, CXCIX + 391 pp.
    Dino Manca (a cura di): Antonio Cano: Sa Vitta et sa Morte, et Passione de sanctu Gavinu, Prothu et Januariu. Centro di studi filologici sardi/CUEC, Cagliari, 2002, CXLIII + 207 pp.
    Giovanni Lupinu (a cura di): Il libro sardo della confraternita dei disciplinati di Santa Croce di Nuoro (XVI sec.). Centro di studi filologici sardi/CUEC, Cagliari, 2002, LIV + 127 pp.
    Giuseppe Marci (a cura di): Domenico Simon: Le piante. Centro di studi filologici sardi/CUEC, Cagliari, 2002, LIV + 95 pp.
    Giuseppe Marci (a cura di): Giuseppe Cossu: La coltivazione de' gelsi e propagazione de' filugelli in Sardegna. Centro di studi filologici sardi/CUEC, Cagliari, 2002, LXXIV + 517 pp.
    Luciano Carta (a cura di): Francesco Ignazio Mannu: Su patriota sardu a sos feudatarios. Centro di studi filologici sardi/CUEC, Cagliari, 2002, CCLV + 125 pp.
    (Petrovszki Lajszki Brigitta)