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  • De unitate intellectus. Die gleichnamige Schrift des Lehrers (Alberts des Großen) und des Schülers (Thomas von Aquin)
    Author Rokay, Zoltán
    Issue Vol. VI/2004/1
    Category Artes
    Pages pp. 61-66
    Abstract A certain questio, which is entitled De unitate intellectus remained from the Master (St. Albert the Great) and also from his disciple (St. Thomas Aquinas). Both works deal with the question of the particular souls (cf. monopsychismus). The two works differ from each another in many aspects; moreover, there is not any textual similarity. St. Albert explains this question on the basis of potentia and actus, but St. Thomas employs the theory of substantia and accidens. St. Albert makes an important correction regarding this theme: in his opinion, potentia prima is the same as ens possibile in seipso and it is not the materia; moreover, actus primus is the same as ens necesse, and it is not the forma. But the most significant diVerence between the concepts of St. Albert and St. Thomas is that St. Albert has no intentions against the Averroists in his work, in some cases, he even speaks highly of them. Therefore the question of unitas intellectus was independent from the Averroists, and it can be an topical question, too.