Articles of the selected author in Verbum:

  • The "untamed" /s/ of Italian dialects: An overview of the singular behaviour of Italo-Romance sibilants
    Author Huszthy, Bálint
    Issue Vol. XVIII/2017/1-2
    Category Linguistica
    Pages pp. 189-214
    Abstract Sibilants cause several problems in phonology, especially /s/, and especially in Romance linguistics. This paper offers a general overview of the issue of preconsonantal /s/ in Italian dialects as far as its distributional problems are concerned. We will consider its position in the syllable, palatalisation processes, its behaviour in voice assimilation and its deletion. Special sections will be devoted to the case of “Neapolitan s”, which includes six allophones of the /s/ phoneme, and to an OT-account of /sC/-palatalisation in Italian dialects, which is an attempt of unifying theory in order to analyse different /sC/-palatalisation processes as a phonologically uniform phenomena.
  • Intrighi macabri: Alla scoperta dell’accento ungherese nel parlare l’italiano
    Author Huszthy, Bálint
    Issue Vol. XVII/2016/1-2
    Category Linguistica
    Pages pp. 149-194
    Abstract Hungarians who speak Italian fluently usually commit several pronunciation mistakes. These mistakes go unnoticed, even by native Italians because of the extreme dialectal fragmentation of Italian. However, the recurrent phonetic and phonological features of the Hungarian foreign accent show great differences compared to any Italian varieties. The aim of this paper is to collect and analyse the most common phonetic and phonological characteristics of the foreign accent of Hungarians while speaking Italian, and possibly help them avoid the most obvious mistakes, or, where it is not possible, at least make them realise the Hungarian aspects of their speech that affect their pronunciation of Italian.
  • Conservatività come caratteristica fonologica in sincronia: Geminazione preconsonantica in italiano meridionale
    Author Huszthy, Bálint
    Issue Vol. XVI/2015/1-2
    Category Linguistica
    Pages pp. 243-262
    Abstract Italian is a "conservative" language, mostly from a synchronic phonetic and phonological point of view. The conservatism of Italian phonology is most prominent in southern varieties, and it is well analysable through the phenomenon of preconsonantal stopgemination. In this paper I analyse the pronunciation of eleven Italian informants who read sample-phrases with stop + consonant clusters. I claim that Southern Italians usually geminate the first segment of the ill-formed cluster. This gemination process is due to the conservatism of Southern Italian phonology, which requires epenthetic processes rather than deletion or lenition, targeting the conservation of each element of the input form.
  • Recensiones
    Authors Domokos, György
    Huszthy, Bálint
    Klimová, Katarína
    Issue Vol. XV/2014/1-2
    Category Recensiones
    Pages pp. 305-319
    Reviews Zsuzsanna Fábián, Ildikó Szijj, Imre Szilágyi & Balázs Déri (eds.): GPS 60°: Studi di linguistica neolatina per i 60 anni di Giampaolo Salvi. Budapest: ELTE BTK Romanisztikai Intézet, 2014, 232 pp. (Huszthy Bálint)

    Zuzana Bohušová & Anita Hut’ková (eds.): Translationswissenschaft und ihre Zusammenhänge 5: Gegenwärtige Translationswissenschaft in der Slowakei. The translation studies and its contexts 5: Slovak translation studies today. Translatológia a jej súvislosti 5: Súˇcasná slovenská translatológia. Wien: Praesens Verlag, 2013, 392 pp. (Katarína Klimová)

    Bonvesin da la Riva: Libro delle tre scritture. Introduzione, testo e commento a cura di Matteo Leonardi. (Memoria del tempo. Collana di testi e studi medievali e rinascimentali diretta da Johannes Bartuschat e Stefano Prandi 43). Ravenna: Longo, 2014, 291 pp. (Domokos György)
  • L’accento straniero degli italiani: Esiste un "accento italiano" comune?
    Author Huszthy, Bálint
    Issue Vol. XIV/2013/1-2
    Category Iuvenilia
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.14.2013.1–2.11
    Pages pp. 167-181
    Keywords Italian; foreign accent; synchronic phonology; dialectology
    Abstract In this paper I want to present some phonetic and phonological phenomena which systematically recur in the foreign accent of Italian speakers of different origin. The aim of the paper is to argue in favour of the existence of a common “Italian foreign accent”, which may offer a new and unusual approach to the synchronic phonology of Italian. The conclusions of the research will show that the Italian accent can be determined only at the phonological level, for example through various phonological processes related to the syllabic structure of Italian.