Articles of the selected author in Verbum:

  • Emploi de la critique génétique sur les variantes du poème A un jour de Simone Weil
    Author Gutbrod, Gizella
    Issue Vol. XII/2010/2
    Category Critica
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.12.2010.2.5
    Pages pp. 296-308
    Keywords mysticism, genetic analysis, metrical form, Simone Weil
    Abstract The mystical philosopher Simone Weil is lesser known as a poet. Her few poems express her mystic experience; her longest poem, A un jour (To the sun) has an interesting genesis. It happens rarely in genetic research that we possess all the textual variants. This allows the author of the present paper to prepare the pre-text of the poem and to draw the resultant conclusions. In the process of analyzing the poem, we can observe some elements of the functioning of the verse technique influenced by Paul Valéry, the organizing role of rhyme and sounds, which have metaphysical bearing. The force that controls the imagination as a result of the fixed form is part of the transcendent technique. The biographical importance of the genetic analysis of Weil's poems lies in the fact that the mystical experience leads to determining form. This means the abandonment of philosophical discourse, poesy becomes the only possibility of expression.
  • L'approche acroamatique de la poésie de Simone Weil
    Author Gutbrod, Gizella
    Issue Vol. III/2001/2
    Category Critica
    Pages pp. 427-439
    Abstract In her essay Ms Gutbrod presents the poetry of Simone Weil from the point of view of its sounding and tries to rehabilitate the role of acoustic sensitivity on different levels of the interpretation. Simone Weil is rather neglected as a poet, although both her poetic practice and theory are highly remarkable. The turning point of her artistic development is a mystical experience after which she turns definitely to poetry and abandons all themes except for the representation of the mystical quest. To highlight the poetic aspect of this change Ms Gutbrod attempts to unfold the themes of cry and silence in Simone Weil's poetry: first she examines the acoustic universe of the poems (that is, the physical level of hearing), then she describes the role of listening in the process of reception. Finally she reflects on the notion of listening ment in an ontological sense.
  • Recensiones
    Authors Bocz, Zsuzsanna
    D'Angelo, Biagio
    Gutbrod, Gizella
    Hajnóczi, Kristóf
    W. Somogyi, Judit
    Issue Vol. I/1999/2
    Category Recensiones
    Pages pp. 274-285
    Reviews Paola Mildonian, ed. Parodia, pastiche, mimetismo. Atti del convegno internazionale di letterature comparate. ICLA/AICL, Venezia 13-15 ottobre 1993. Roma, Bulzoni ed. 1997; pp.458. (Biagio D'Angelo)

    Federica Casadei: Metafore ed espressioni idiomatiche – Uno studio semantico sull'italiano. (Bocz Zsuzsanna)

    Simone Weil, Oeuvres, coll. Quarto, Gallimard, 1999, 1276 p. (Gutbrod Gizella)

    Giorgio Tourn: Italiani e protestantesimo. Un incontro impossibile? Torino, 1997, Claudiana Ed., pp.256. (Hajnóczi Kristóf)

    Lingua e letteratura per la Sardegna sabauda. Tra Ancien Régime e restaurazione. A cura di Elena Sala Di felice e Ines Loi Corvetto. Carocci, Roma, 1999. pp. 144. (Somogyi Judit)
  • Simone Weil, critique littéraire sur le surréalisme
    Author Gutbrod, Gizella
    Issue Vol. I/1999/1
    Category Critica
    Pages pp. 135-140
    Abstract Simone Weil, platonicienne examine dans ses écrits mystiques le rapport du bien, du beau et du vrai, leur unité est le point de départ de toutes ses réflexions philosophiques. Elle définit sa conception littéraire par rapport à la morale, elle pense que le bien est le critère esthétique...