Articles of the selected author in Verbum:

  • La sphère romantique – la cathédrale
    Author Ádám, Anikó
    Issue Vol. XV/2014/1-2
    Category Artes
    Pages pp. 26-34
    Abstract The paper draws its hypothesis from Romanticism: one way to understand modern (post-Revolution) French aesthetic thought is the interpretation and comparison of the reflections on historical (external) and psychological (internal) time and space. Romantic thinkers used innumerable metaphors for history, and some of these are closely related to images representing contemporary perspectives on space (circle, spiral, sphere) that are not exclusively typical to this particular age, but they were already expressing a possible attitude to the world whereMan ismostly at the centre, and they also give an anthropomorphic character to Man’s surroundings.
  • La topographie des identités : lecture culturelle de Partir de Tahar Ben Jelloun
    Author Ádám, Anikó
    Issue Vol. XIII/2012/2
    Category Critica
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.13.2012.2.8
    Pages pp. 369-380
    Keywords Tangier, Maghreb, poetic space, topography, identity
    Abstract The city of Tangier, the focus of the present paper, has been at the intersection of the Greek and Berber cultures from the very beginning. The geographical position of the city at the crossroads of an ocean, a sea and two continents has given it a unique fate: the starting and ending point for travellers. First of all, this study endeavours to reveal the imaginative and poetic space that created the metonymic relationship between Tangier and the poetic language that describes it. Secondly, the study will analyse the topography that was set up in the novel Partir by the Moroccan writer, Tahar Ben Jelloun, in which each chapter is named (by the first indicator of identity) after a character and takes place in a specific location. According to our hypothesis, the characters, marked not only by their Maghreb and Moroccan identities but also by Tangier, while trying to get rid of their destabilizing identity linked to the city on the edge of the world, are on the quest for an ideal identity that could give them a psychological and moral integrity.
  • Du Génie aux Mémoires
    Author Ádám, Anikó
    Issue Vol. I/1999/2
    Category Critica
    Pages pp. 224-235
    Abstract La critique définit, à l'aide d'un ensemble de concepts théoriques, les frontières entre les genres littéraires. Etudier l'oeuvre de Chateaubriand sous le point de vue du genre est extrêmenet intéressant. L'auteur excelle en effet à insérer et enchâsser les discours les uns dans les autres; son oeuvre possède une esthétique des confins (celle des fins et des bords) entre la vie et la mort, entre deux époques, entre la poésie et la prose et entre les genres littéraires. Même si nous ne pouvons pas définir d'une manière exacte les contours de tel ou tel genre nous pouvons, par contre, bien saisir la ligne de démarcation qui les sépare dans les textes de Chateaubriand...