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  • Non-prise en charge et évidentialité à travers les langues
    Szerző Tóth, Andrea
    Füzet Vol. XIV/2013/1-2
    Kategória Le français dans le miroir des langues
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.14.2013.1–2.23
    Oldal pp. 303-311
    Kulcsszavak epistemic conditional; evidentiality; commitment; translation
    Absztrakt This paper aims to discuss the values associated with the French epistemic conditional and to give an overview of its discursive functions, as well as of their rendering in the process of translation. Our investigations are based on a journalistic parallel corpus. Our method is contrastive in that wemake remarks as to the extent to which equivalence is reached in the target text with respect to the speaker’s commitment and the diversification of uttering sources.