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  • La créativité et l'expression de l'intention communicationnelle en langue étrangère - ateliers expérimentaux de créativité
    Szerző Staszewska-Zatońska, Anna
    Füzet Vol. IX/2007/1
    Kategória Iuvenilia
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.9.2007.1.9
    Oldal pp. 103-110
    Kulcsszavak creativity, creativity training, foreign language teaching, learner autonomy, communication strategies
    Absztrakt The paper intends to present communication in foreign languages in the perspective of "everyday creativity". It tries to define the role of creativity training in certain aspects and at certain stages of the education of foreign language students. The reflection is fostered by the opinions sustaining that creativity may be a factor at play in the communication in foreign languages. It is rooted in the principles of glottodidactics, its aims and scope of research, as formulated by researchers from Polish school of applied linguistics. Moreover, it takes into account trends and tendencies showing new directions in thinking about foreign language acquisition, in particular those outlining the role of the student. The approach adopted relates also to the role played in psychoeducation by didactic and creativity research (both pure and applied), which may pave the way for research on creativity training and its role in foreign language teaching and learning.