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  • Lieu de tentation, espace du salut: Le désert comme hétérotopie dans la Vie d'Antoine d'Athanase d'Alexandrie
    Szerző Sághy, Marianne
    Füzet Vol. XV/2014/1-2
    Kategória Artes
    Oldal pp. 9-16
    Absztrakt This article aims to place the Athanasian desert on the list of Foucauldian heterotopiae. In Life of Antony, Athanasius of Alexandria creates a Christian desert in stark opposition with the political space of the Roman Empire dominated by heretical emperors. The desert is an agora of spiritual fight with demons, a meeting place with God as well as an ideological landscape shaped by Athanasius' struggle with secular power. The desert's claims to utopia as a “new Paradise” are built on the homogenizing bases of Nicaean orthodoxy.