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  • Un fruto inesperado de una labranza agotada. Lavoura arcaica de Raduan Nassar
    Szerző Mourão, Cleonice Paes Barreto
    Füzet Vol. XIII/2012/1
    Kategória Critica
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.13.2012.1.11
    Oldal pp. 148-157
    Kulcsszavak Lavoura arcaica, Raduan Nassar, language, textual analysis
    Absztrakt This essay examines Raduan Nassar’s novel Lavoura arcaica. In it, the scandal of the narrative is not incest or murder but what they reveal about the fragility of the word. The strength of the presence of these archaist taboos is linked to the inability to deal with language. Language, in fact, hides behind masks and calls for freedom, inflexibility before the speech that constituted the discourse of the Other. The difference remained cursed, hatched in the gesture of the Father who could not absorb it, reconcile it.