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  • "Des mots Écorchés vifs": Langue et identité dans l'écriture d'Antonine Maillet
    Szerző Marosvári, Mária
    Füzet Vol. IX/2007/2
    Kategória Critica
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.9.2007.2.6
    Oldal pp. 217-229
    Kulcsszavak Antonine Maillet, Acadia, France, identity, spoken language
    Absztrakt The fact that Antonine Maillet was born in Acadia deeply influences her life's work as a writer. In this paper, we will try to demonstrate the linguistic characteristics through which she expresses this identity, on one hand, at a lexical level (archaisms, Acadianisms), and on the other hand, at the level of proverbs. We will also analyse the textual organisation, the coexistence of the different levels of language, the idiolects of the characters in the framework of a given text as well as the epilinguistic dimension of Antonine Maillet's writing.