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  • Piero Pincharo de Parma, un ragioniere italiano in suolo ungherese
    Szerző Kuffart, Hajnalka
    Füzet Vol. XIII/2012/2
    Kategória Iuvenilia
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.13.2012.2.17
    Oldal pp. 504-512
    Kulcsszavak Hungary, late Middle Ages, Archbishopric of Esztergom, accounting practices
    Absztrakt During the time of Ippolito d'Este's archbishopric in Esztergom, Hungary, an Italian officer was leading the economic accounting, whose name was Piero Pincharo de Parma. His books are considered to be essential sources for researchers of the Hungarian Middle Ages. Investigating his character, we can get closer to the order of the accountancy, his responsibilities, and we can follow his life in Hungary.