A szerző cikkei a Verbumban:

  • Les verbes à suffixe libre et l'expressivité
    Szerző Kaliska, Agnieszka
    Füzet Vol. VIII/2006/1
    Kategória Iuvenilia
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.8.2006.1.20
    Oldal pp. 233-240
    Kulcsszavak free suffix, morphological autonomy, linguistic economy, synonymy, stylistic variation
    Absztrakt The purpose of the paper is to consider how a free suffix can affect the semantics of verbs. The morphemes in question, which are considered free of semantic function and morphologically autonomous, are highly productive in verbal communication. Interestingly, the morphological structure of some verbs contains two free suffixes. In fact, the morphological and semantic autonomy contribute to the increase in the number of synonyms and stylistic variants. The paper suggests that free suffixes are highly charged. Their expressivity is their most important semantic function.