A szerző cikkei a Verbumban:

  • Propositions disloquées dans le français parlé
    Szerző Horváth, Márton Gergely
    Füzet Vol. XVI/2015/1-2
    Kategória Linguistica
    Oldal pp. 219-242
    Absztrakt The aim of this paper is to provide a corpus-based analysis of clausal dislocation in spoken French. Two major types of structure are examined: clausal left dislocation and clausal right dislocation. We argue that clausal left dislocation is a topic-marking dislocation construction, as its pragmatic and prosodic features are comparable to those of noun phrase left dislocation. This does not always hold true of clausal right dislocation, because the distinction between clausal right dislocation and extraposition is often problematic, especially when spontaneous speech data are examined.
  • Les pronoms clitiques du francoprovençal: l'étude du dialecte de Pélussin
    Szerző Horváth, Márton Gergely
    Füzet Vol. X/2008/1
    Kategória Iuvenilia
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.10.2008.1.14
    Oldal pp. 227-256
    Kulcsszavak affix, clitic, francoprovençal, pronoun, Romance
    Absztrakt The status of clitic or conjunctive pronouns of Romance languages is a highly debated topic in linguistic literature. A number of articles dedicated to this issue propose to analyse clitic pronouns as affixes that have lost their syntactic autonomy, whereas others assert that they are syntactically accessible arguments of the verb. This article focuses on the exposition and study of clitic pronouns in the francoprovençal dialect of Pélussin from the perspective of their syntactic and morphosyntactic properties. We conduct a survey of the criteria usually employed to distinguish between affixes and clitics, in order to attempt to determine how the clitic pronouns of this patois should be analysed. We conclude that the dialect of Pélussin is very similar to colloquial French from this point of view, hence it follows that the analyses put forward previously for the latter also apply to the dialect presented herein.