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  • Reescritura y diálogo espaciotemporal en Un revólver para Mack de Pablo Urbányi
    Szerző Horváth Faller, Eija
    Füzet Vol. XI/2009/1
    Kategória Filologia
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.11.2009.1.8
    Oldal pp. 111-125
    Kulcsszavak Latin-American literature, interculturality, translation, adaptation, reception
    Absztrakt Re-writing a literary work in another language is not a simple translation task, but rather an adaptation process, the work needs to be able to find its room in the universe of the host literature. A fundamental question of this process is the following: to what extent can the re-written literary text provide its readers with new forms of representation? This paper presents an intercultural progress that spans between the 1970s of Argentina and the 1990s of Canada. Pablo Urbányi, the Argentinean writer of Hungarian descent, who emigrated twice in his life, re-wrote his novel Un revolver para Mack before the new edition of the book originally published in Buenos Aires in 1974 - in order to help the work of his French translator. The comparison of how the original and the revised text anticipates the involvement of the readers in the process of reception reveals the differences between two - distant and probably incompatible - horizons of expectations.