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  • La Historia Orientalis de Jacques de Vitry en traducciones castellanas de los siglos XIV-XV. Apuntes para una teoría de la traducción medieval
    Szerző Cioba, Mianda
    Füzet Vol. V/2003/1
    Kategória Linguistica
    Oldal pp. 203-220
    Absztrakt The present paper aims to provide specific material for a functionalist perspective over the mutual relations between two successive medieval Castilian translations of Jacques de Vitry's Historia Orientalis. Assuming that every medieval translation is a pragmatically oriented discourse, the study implies that the translation feels free to adapt his sources to contemporary interests and expectations by using classical exegetic skills, regardless of the predominant literary technique. Based on historical, rhetorical and linguistic details, we intend to stress the translation's interpretative condition, achieving its concreteness in the particular dynamics of the amplificatio, and in the pragmatic function of certain sequences, as an integration of both internal and external textual circumstances.