A szerző cikkei a Verbumban:

  • La poesía de Waly Salomão. Antropofagia, hibridismo y polifonía
    Szerző Alves, Ida Ferreira
    Füzet Vol. XIII/2012/1
    Kategória Critica
    DOI 10.1556/Verb.13.2012.1.7
    Oldal pp. 85-106
    Kulcsszavak contemporary Brazilian poetry, Waly Salomão, cultural hibridity
    Absztrakt The paper discusses the poetic work of Waly Salomão, contemporary poet and one of the strongest voices of Brazilian post-70's poetry, with a focus on the idea of cultural heterogeneity in the Portuguese language. The relation between contemporary lyrical discourse, anthropophagy and cultural hybridity is shown through the perspective of a paper by Jahan Ramazani, The Hybrid Muse (2001).