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Tomus 18 Fasciculus 1-2

VERBUM Analecta Neolatina 18(1-2) 2017

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Más allá de lo fantásico en Distancia de rescate de Samanta Schweblin

Szerző Nemrava, Daniel
Füzet Vol. XVIII/2017/1-2
Kategória Critica
Oldal pp. 149-158
Absztrakt This study aims to describe the main aspects of narrative discourse in the novel Distancia de rescate by Samanta Schweblin. The paper examines the extent to which the novel can be classified into the genre of fantasy literature, using the application of linguistic transgression theory at three levels: syntactic, semantic and the level of discourse. Narratological analysis examines the parallel between the theme and the types of focalization. The last examined aspect is the strategy of constructing a literary space that exhibits the features of dystopia, based on B. McHale’s theory of a “heteropian zone” in postmodern fiction. At the same time, the work tries to prove that fiction goes beyond the limits of the genre, highlighting the socio-political and ecological context.
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