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Tomus 5 Fasciculus 1

Viginti quatuor sunt iuncturae

Szerző Cser, András
Füzet Vol. V/2003/1
Kategória Linguistica
Oldal pp. 257-265
Absztrakt The purpose of this paper is to present a recently published medieval Latin grammatical text, whose manuscript location is Biblioth`eque National Lat. 16670 ff 19vb–21vb, and whose edition is Cser (2000). Texts of this type occur in great numbers and great variety in the last centuries of the Middle Ages. They summarise the rules of Latin syntax, interspersed occasionally with morphological information, in twentyodd points. First we give short and typical sections of the text with some explanatory notes. Then we give an English translation of the selected sections, finally we discuss some aspects of the text as a whole.
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